Do’s And Dont’s When Traveling To Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country, so it’s the truth that this country has a lot to offer. From its historical places, idyllic cities, breathtaking riches, and enjoyable nightlife, Russia is undoubtedly the country you would want to visit this year. To start, here are the do’s and dont’s when traveling to Russia:

List Of Do’s In Russia

(1) Apply for a Russia e-visa and register upon your arrival. If you plan to travel to Russia, it is a must to get a visa. It is not advisable to do this process at the last moment, as it can be truly stressful. Start applying for one at least a month before your flight with the help of travel agencies. As soon as you get to Russia, you should also register your visa within seven days, not including holidays and weekends. 

(2) Learn some of Russia’s language. You can start with the Cyrillic alphabet to help you understand what street signs, menus, maps, and other metro messages mean. Although you cannot understand the entire phrases, having a hint of what it communicates is an advantage.

(3) Expect to spend quite a lot. Moscow, Russia, is one of the most costly places to travel among other cities in the world. From restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, to tourist spots, expect a wallet-thinning experience. 

List of Dont’s In Russia

(1) Never ask a mixer when buying a vodka. A mixer, like orange juice or tonic, is not that famous when buying vodka in Russia. Instead, you can have a pickle, lemon, or just a glass of water to wash it down. 

(2) Always be respectful in a church. Since churches are open for visitors and locals, you should still be careful with your actions as devotees deserve respect with their faith. If you are a woman, you should also cover your shoulders and head before entering. 

(3) Taking a photo of the government structures are not allowed. You should not capture any buildings, stations, and military structures in Russia. You will get arrested and fined after doing so! However, process your Russia e-visa today as we assure you the stay is worth it!