Canada’s Top 5 Art House Cinemas

Canada’s culture is more than the history and food it offers. An additional attraction that most travelers aim to visit using the eta canada is the unique and beautiful independent cinemas.


#1: Cinema Moderne In Montreal

What’s unique about this movie house is the spontaneity of the time and type of film they show. Unlike most movie establishments, Cinema Moderne randomly plays different films on a schedule. But before you decide to follow the cinema’s spontaneous nature, you should know that this place only caters to fifty-four seats. So, it’s best to buy tickets early.


#2: Globe Cinema In Calgary

Known as Towne Cinema to a few locals, Globe has two theaters that serve three hundred and seventy-eight movie-goers. Although a bit small, this cinema still gets a full house most of the time, which is why booking or buying tickets in advance is a must.


#3: The Royal In Toronto

The Royal started a movie house business in 1939, and since then, they showed unusual and unpopular movies that made them one of Canada’s historical landmarks. This cinema house also hosts Burlesque shows and films that are of the 80s and 70s era. Not only does this place cater to showcasing films and performances, it’s also a place for Canada’s well-beloved directors.


#4: Pacific Cinematheque In Vancouver

Aside from showing a variety of films such as the classics and newly released ones, the Cinematheque serves as a place for theatrical plays. Even with only one hundred fifty-three seats, this cinema is a local favorite and is considered one of the best places to visit for that legitimate Canadian experience.


#5: Carbon Arc In Halifax

The Carbon Arc takes pride in being the only independent cinema in Halifax. Although business only runs when there are volunteers, many still visit and watch different movie screenings. The schedule is unpredictable, and the movies are somewhat limited, depending on the team handling the place. Overall, this cinema aims to shed light on different local films, East Coast movies, and also a few short ads straight from Cannes.

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