Best Places In USA To Enjoy Snorkeling

Amongst all the adventure sports snorkeling can be the best one as anyone can do it. Thus whether a child or an elder person or an adventure sports lover it is loved by all alike. If you are also a fan of snorkeling, then it is obvious for you to know where you can enjoy this activity most. There are different spots throughout the USA and Canada where you can enjoy this adventure sports, but there are only a few which are also famous for their breathtaking marine life and awesome locale.

Best snorkeling spots in the USA

Crystal River: when people think of the Florida and water then they mean the awesome Florida beaches, but Crystal River which is located in the north-central Florida is a special place and best known as the best snorkeling spot in the clearest inland water. La Jolla Cove: this beach snorkeling point of San Diego, California is one of the best places where you can snorkel with yellowtail, Garibaldi, and leopard sharks. Moreover, this is one of the most scenic beaches in the California as well. Buck Island Reef National Monument: if you have enough of snorkeling in the US mainland, then try this beach of the Virgin Islands. This place is regarded as one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world and largest contiguous riff for the color fishes. Lover’s cove: this beautiful paradise situated in the Catalina, California is revered as one of the best snorkeling destinations where you can swim with lots of cold water fishes.