5 FAQs When Applying for a Visa to Oman

Oman is a beautiful place because of its dynamic culture. A visa Oman will let you explore the country for at least thirty days, more if you apply for multiple-entry visas. Since applying for an Oman visa is now electronic, the process can be confusing for technically challenged people. Here are five frequent queries when applying for an Oman visa.


What are the Types of Oman Visas?

There are several kinds of Oman visas: resident-sponsored and unsponsored, as well as visit sponsored and unsponsored. An express visa is a high priority visa exclusively for businesspeople. Check if you qualify for the type of visa you are planning to apply for.

How Do You Apply for an Oman visa?

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) announced an online visa application portal. The process requires that documents be passed through the ROP website and not through any physical channel.

Sign up and register as a user in their portal, and from there, follow the step-by-step commands to complete your application. You can also use the services of multiple online e-Visa authorization agencies to facilitate your petition.

What Happens After a Successful Application?

Upon payment and approval, the system will send a mail to your registered e-mail containing your electronic visa. Print it to serve as your physical visa. Paying for the visa, however, will not guarantee that it will be approved.

How Long Is It Valid Before Use?

The e-Visa portal of the ROP lists the validity of the various kinds of visas before it is used. Unsponsored and express visas are valid for a month before use while sponsored visas may last up to three months.


What Are Other Things To Bring Upon Entry?

Aside from the valid visa, you would need a passport valid for at least six months from your arrival in Oman, a proof of your Oman hotel reservation, and a return ticket signifying your intention to leave on or before the limit.

Visa Oman is now easier than ever to get because of the online portal by ROP. It dramatically streamlines the process, reducing lines and wait times. Keep in mind the answers to these questions, so your visa application is approved in flying colors.


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